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DecryptoNews is an independent media company that focuses on the latest developments in the blockchain universe and cryptocurrencies.

We hand pick only the important news thats trending and relevant.

The Team

Damon Sloan:

As a Fintech and Blockchain professional, I saw a lot of disparity in knowledge about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies on the internet. When people hear blockchain they almost certainly think of Bitcoin, mainly because of the mainstream media’s crypto-centered news reporting. Blockchain is understandably a relatively new space and majority of the people associate blockchain only with bitcoin and fail to see the robust solutions it could offer apart from cryptocurrencies.

Robert Sha:

After starting numerous successful businesses, I was looking for another lucrative opportunity. With the advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies fueling its growth, I recognized the novel solutions blockchain technology could bring to the world. As an avid crypto investor, when my close friend Damon approached me with this idea for DecryptoNews, I saw the need for new developing blockchain news thats different from the mainstream media’s crypto-centered news and decided to hop on board. As we both believe that little goes a long way, we decided to incorporate a very minimalist design to the news website to offer people stress-free news.

What’s our mission

Our goal is to hopefully provide our audience with unbiased content based on trends and eliminate all the irrelevant bullshit and give our straightforward, unfiltered perspective.